Hows It Done Handy Van

Our Handy Van property maintenance service covers all the small niggles that make the day annoying. Dripping taps, broken door handles, sinks that do not drain, broken bulbs. They add up and calling tradesmen in is just too costly. Our service covers these petty problems as well as checking faults (such as washing machines not working) before you have to resort to calling out engineers. It could be as simple as a filter or fuse, many people do not think to check. Our property maintenance service will ensure that when you call out an engineer, you actually need to do so. Rather than spend £40 on a call out, you would pay just £14.00+parts or if you have our cleaning service for 2 hours a week you would only pay for the parts, the service is free.

  • Small jobs around the house
  • Bulbs
  • Drains
  • Moving heavy furniture
  • Dripping taps
  • Checking appliances for minor faults


Handy Van Property Maintenance

For customers without any cleaning services – From £14.00 per hour + parts.

Residential customers with home cleaning agreement of 2 hours or more pre week or customers over 65 receive the Handy Van property maintenance service for free and will only need to pay for any parts replaced.

Business customers with a business cleaning agreement of more than 4 hours per week, the Handy Van property maintenance service is free and you will only need to pay for parts replaced.

Where larger jobs are deemed necessary or tradesmen are required Hows It Done can co- ordinate service with known trusted local tradesmen to give you a complete property maintenance solution.